(Akogun) Akin Ogunmowo

Teni Zaccheaus's Tribute


I met Akogun through my friend Tokunbo Abiru barely a year or two ago. I have heard so much about him from Toks…. saying “you

need to come to America with me to meet my friend ”  “Akin” . unfortunately I could not visit America with him until Akin visited Lagos. Immediately we clicked. I realised he is Mrs Idowu’s brother.  Koye I have known for over four decades .  Those couple I respect so much.     Akin is Fantastically a bubbly human being.  He came from America to get me into Kwam 1 Fuji music.We spent so much time together in Lagos without Tokunbo who is on national service in Abuja.  I felt I have known him for as long as Tokunbo . Akin is a very strong character,  confident, fun to be with.   His generosity is unparalleled.  Diligent and hardworking.  If I try to go into details of his beliefs and strong character, we will be reading this till tomorrow.  One incidence is when someone wronged one of his daughters at a night club in Lagos and he came complaining to me, as a normal Lagos guy,  I said “Akin just let it go”   Akin responded “Lai Lai” meaning ” never never”. We had to get police involved and got the guy apprehended.  When I told my wife , she said Akin did the right thing…. Not that we got anything out the police intervention though.  Akin  I am six years older than you, but we are good buddies.  Keep up with your good deeds . You are too much. Happy birthday my brother. The Almighty God shall continue to bless you. Long life and good health shall be your portion in Jesus Mighty name ….Amen


Teni Zaaccheaus