(Akogun) Akin Ogunmowo

Omobowale Ogunmowo's Tribute


Happy 60th Birthday to you dear uncle, father.

Even though I was never opportune to meet you in person, the first time you called me on my graduation meant a lot.

This feeling when your uncle called you unexpectedly to celebrate your most important achievement without forgetting multiple calls you gave me when I was in France all through my program has proven to me how caring you could be when I finally meet you

It was satisfying to know you got my back in times of trouble. This interprets the emotional support and the fatherly love you showed me in Canada when I was going through unstable situation as the reality of the western world hit me so hard.

You know, father as I would always call my big uncles , unknowingly you have been my mentor as I love the way you care for body at your age. You serve as  a motivation for me to hit the gym and keep in shape no matter the stress level and circumstance

Once again Happy Birthday. May Allah keep you in good health and impact you with more knowledge and wisdom to celebrate more years ahead

Your Son Omobowale Ogunmowo – Canada