(Akogun) Akin Ogunmowo

Odofin olukayode Ogunmowo's Tribute


Akogun my brother; upgraded to Version 60.0
So it’s here, you’re finally 60
To the guy who is always there for us, and does it with so much energy too and would do it all without making a fuss, I still don’t know where you get all the power from ,when it comes to hanging out with kids, you do it so effortlessly no wonder they all love you, seems so natural to you .
You taught me all I know about being and looking cool.I love you bro not only for what you do,
I love you for always being you, and especially the never give up spirit . Growing up was fun with you. You were full of mischief
You’re a big brother like no other, if I had a choice I wouldnt pick another brother.
Your kindness and thoughtfulness is out of this world,
I pray everyday that Allah keeps you guided and protected.A brother like you is forever respected.
Happy Birthday.One Love bro!
Odofin Kayode Ogunmowo