(Akogun) Akin Ogunmowo

Muibat Arogedola Ogunmowo's Tribute



Your 60th floor will be the beginning of many beautiful celebrations in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, AKOGUN BABA ELESIN.

On the 6th of April, 1963, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, AKOGUN BABA ELESIN under the supervision of the senior midwife –  Mrs. Adiat Latona at Ita Eleye Mercy Maternity Hospital, Lagos State.

It was in the early hours of the day; the brightness of that beautiful Saturday morning was an indication that my son will go on to be a star wherever he may find himself.

Together with my amazing late husband, Alhaji Abdulrazak Ayinde Olaitan Arowosola, we ensured that he got the best quality of education possible by sending him  to great schools such as:

  1. Ansar U Deen Primary School Okepopo Amuto, Lagos
  2. Government College Lagos, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos.
  3. Ijebu Ode Institute for continuing Education and proceeded to America for his higher Education.

Hakeem Akintunde Oladele is the third child amongst our God given children. He is a loving, caring son that we as parents will always be happy to have as a child.

Watching him morph from childhood to adulthood, I can categorically say that Akin is a wonderful son to us, a loyal brother to his siblings, and a dependable dad to his children.

Sometimes, I wonder if his late dad, Alhaji Abdulrazak Ayinde Olaitan Arowosola and I, Alhaja Muibat Arogedola Iyaniwuraola Adunni Ogunmowo Asegere did a lot of noble things in our past lives for God to consider us worthy enough to bless us with a loving gift in  HAKEEM AKINTUNDE OLADELE AKOGUN, our son.

I pray on behalf of my late husband, his loving father, that God will favour him with a long healthy life to enjoy his own children more than the way we enjoy him. Amen.

H.A.O. Akogun, I cannot describe you enough on these pages of paper but my God knows you and He is the One to reward you abundantly for the care you show your parents and those who pass through your life. Amen

Son, continue what you know how to do to keep people happy. Once again, I welcome you to the 60th floor! May God continue to bless you my son.



Your Loving Mother

Muibat Arogedola Ogunmowo



Hakeem Akintunde Oladele

Omo Asegere lori sile

Omo Nopa Moji, Agemo ofi  yowoyowo

Omo Afobu kobu pa rere

Omo Ewe dudu ororo

Omo Orisa Awujale

Omo Arikile lagba ofere

Nwon ni owun ni tabi ki ise owun

Nwun ni owun ma ni o o

Omo Opa nigan, oje nigan

Omo Ekun ajeran tiwutiwu

Omo Onimusin Anokoru

Omo Ajisebutu Bonbata Ti mbo egbere mole

Omo Oloko aroti Erupoko mapomi

Omo yarugbo,yaruju, bi osun Oshogbo

Omo ajitowo alejo bepo. Omo abuje budanu

Afi ijade bota ninu je

Ota nroju, Ajisebutu nyan