(Akogun) Akin Ogunmowo

Adeyele, Ugochukwu & Ogo-Oluwakitan (Chimamanda)'s Tribute




Uncle I can’t believe uncle is 60 already! How times flies! Honestly, I have the fondest memories of my very ‘active’ uncle! – anytime we visited L.A from Nigeria, Simi and I always wanted to stay at his house for many reasons but mainly because we knew we’d be spoiled to pieces (AND WE WERE – BIG TIME). He’s the cool uncle with the muscles and we were happy to be seen with him (till today). Haha! Uncle is definitely one of the most intelligent, Kindest, resourceful and thoughtful people I know, always remembers a birthday or a special occasion and makes you feel ‘thought about and seen’. He doesn’t allow his age to make him ‘unapproachable’ you can joke and talk to him about almost anything and he doesn’t take offence. I always admired him for one thing, for being involved even when he was ‘far’ – I admired it purely because of the emotional capacity it took for him to do so. On a lighter note, for some reason he always called me ‘Iwin’ and till tomorrow I can’t tell you what it means but I guess it may have something to do with my slight cheeky / comedic nature! If I had three words to describe him, Thoughtful, extremely intelligent and passionate! I thank God for your 60 years on earth and the only prayer that fills my spirit for you is that your latter years will supersede your former years in every aspect of your life! Happy 60th Birthday Uncle! God bless you now and always.


Love always,


Adeyele, Ugochukwu & Ogo-Oluwakitan (Chimamanda)